The Invisible Bookmark (PDF)


“The Invisible Bookmark (PDF)” is a new utility for book tests for mentalists.



A New Utility for Book Tests

Introducing what could possibly be the best book test gimmick in mentalism that costs just a few dollars to make! This ingenious gimmick will allow you to

      • Force a page in any softbound book
      • Mark the position of a chosen page in any softbound book.

It can be used as a force or marking gimmick independently or in conjunction with each other in a single routine. And, it can be used for stage, parlour, close-up and even impromptu situations.

Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5



  • This is a downloadable product.
  • Download link will be automatically emailed upon payment confirmation.
  • “The Invisible Bookmark” is also explained in the “3 Sides of Magic” lecture notes available here.


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