Code of Silence (PDF)


“Code of Silence (PDF)” is a devious routine for a two-person act.

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A Devious Mentalism Code Act for a Two-Person Act


The mentalism duo demonstrates a unique ability of unseen sight as one of the performers is blindfolded throughout the routine. First, a number of cards are shown to a spectator who points to any one of the cards. The blindfolded performer is able to name the pointed-to card. This is repeated with a second spectator. For the third spectator, he is simply asked to think of one of the cards, yet, the blindfolded performer is able to remove the correct card.

For the finale, a money bill is borrowed from a random spectator and the blindfolded performer correctly divines the entire serial number even though she is standing 15ft away.

This is a routine that J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning have performed in close-up, parlor, stage illusion shows as well as on radio and television shows with equal success. They included an extended version of Code of (Silence) in their world-record setting “The Mind Heist” where they read 100 minds in 60 minutes in Jan 2012.

The routine uses an ingenious unorthodox method that has never been applied to a two-person mentalism act before.

Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5



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  • Code of (Silence) is a perfect complement to The Telepathy Deck here.


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