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Project ONE is available as a set here: Project ONE (Set)

A solo illusion show presented by one performer has been considered a pipe dream or the Holy Grail for illusionists.

Many innovative solo illusions have been created and performed by illusionists around the world but a full solo illusion show with scale and production value has arguably never been heard of before.

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For the past 4 years of his 20-year professional career, international illusionist & illusion designer, J C Sum, has been performing his full solo illusion show for corporate & special events and luxury cruise liners in Asia and Europe. The show took 1 year to put together and debuted in 2013.

In this new ground-breaking video for stage magicians and illusionists, J C shares how to create, produce and stage a professional solo illusion show.

First, experience J C’s 45-minute solo illusion show in front of a live audience of 1400 people. The show is unedited with the original audio from the show retained. This is a rare chance to watch a complete illusion show of a working professional in its entirety from start to finish.

Next, join J C in his studio where he breaks down the show and discusses, in depth, his approach to the solo illusion and how to go about producing it.

He explores all aspects of the solo illusion show production from show design, illusion selection, stage management, resource management, sound, lighting and video support.

Finally, J C provides a commentary to his full show to highlight all the methods, techniques, tips and tricks that makes his show work so well for his audience.

If you found value in J C’s best-selling illusion books and “Behind the Illusions” DVD, you will love Project ONE: The Video that is shot entirely in HD.

Total Time: 140min.

This product was created for:

  • A stage magician looking to add a solo illusion or two to his/ her show to increase scale and to charge a higher fee
  • An illusionist looking to add diversity to an existing show
  • An illusionist looking to create a solo illusion show
  • A new illusionist exploring options for either a traditional or solo illusion show

Note: No detailed illusion design methods are discussed in Project ONE: The Video. The purpose of this product is to share how to create, produce and stage a solo illusion show.

Also available separately is the Project ONE Companion Manual.

Or buy as a set: Project ONE (Set)


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