“Easy CAAN (PDF)” is possibly the world’s easiest CAAN that will fry even magicians



This is a simple solution to the card at any number plot that fooled magicians during the “3 Sides of Magic” European lecture tour.


A deck of cards is ribbon-spread face down onto the table. A spectator is given a free choice of one card. The card is noted (for example 3H) and replaced anywhere in the deck and the deck is squared up by the spectator. The cards are then cleanly riffled shuffled several times and left on the table.

A number between 1 to 50 is called out, for example 19, (no force or limits). The spectator is invited to deal the cards, one at a time onto the table. He reaches the 19th card and it is turned over to reveal the 3H.

  • Easy to Perform
  • No Difficult Calculations to Make


Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5



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  • Easy CAAN is also explained in Two Paths of One here


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