Premium Illusion Design Series #6 – Cloth Wrap Transformation


The “Cloth Wrap Transformation” is THE definitive pack small/ play big illusion, based on “Transmogrification” created by Charles Waller.

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The Premium Illusion Design Series is the most comprehensive and detailed instruction on illusion design and performance in the market today.

Each series focuses on a single illusion and goes into the details of the construction, design, performance and psychology of the illusion.

Each illusion in the series includes:

  • Detailed Multi-angle Streaming Video Explanation
  • Illusion Plans PDF – Full Building Plans with Dimensions and Instruction
  • History & Background of the Illusion


This Premium Illusion Design Series focuses on the modern presentation of the “Cloth Wrap Transformation” which is the definitive pack small/ play big illusion.

This is the most in-depth discussion and detailing of the “Transmogrification” illusion created by Charles Waller and published in “Greater MagicA Practical Treatise On Modern Magic” by John Northern Hilliard in 1938.

The value you get from this package is all the details that go into constructing and performing this seemingly simple illusion in different performing conditions.

Contents in this Premium Illusion Design Series package include:

  • Video Discussion/ Explanation of Two Different Technical Handlings (J C Sum and Zaubertrixxer, Ingo Brehm and Albin Zinnecker)
  • Professional Tips & Pointers that will Save You Time and Money
  • 6 Different Methods to Perform the Illusion on Different Stages
  • Correct Cloth Apparatus Dimensions, Material and Construction


  • Multiple People Kicker Appearance – Get additional mileage out of the same prop.
  • Motorcycle Appearance – This application and set-up is worth the asking price!


Note: This is an Illusion Plans PDF for downloading as well as Video Streaming Link. Access link will be automatically emailed upon payment confirmation.

Streaming Video is for streaming online only and will not be provided as a download.

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