Why Should I Order Illusion Books from The Illusion Bookstore?

Aptly named, The Illusion Bookstore is the exclusive distributor of all of J C Sum’s published work on illusions and show production.

While a select number of titles are available from magic dealers worldwide, we carry J C’s complete range of published works in physical books as well as Instant Downloads. These include book sets, Premium Illusion Design Plans, Streaming Videos and Instant Downloads not available from any other magic shop in the world.

The digital products save you significant money as they are priced slightly lower, have zero shipping costs and you get the download link immediately upon purchase/ payment.


There Seems to be a Wide Range of Illusion Books. Which One Should I Choose?

J C has been publishing his original illusion ideas since 2004. In almost a decade, he has written almost a dozen critically acclaimed books.

He has different books intended for different levels of illusionists, written for specific needs and catered to different budgets.

Follow the link to read a comprehensive FAQ ON J C SUM’s ILLUSION BOOKS.


I’m Not Familiar with the Close-up & Mentalism Effects on Your Web Store, Where Can I Find More Information on Them?

All the close-up & mentalism effects/ routines are exclusive to The Illusion Bookstore and not available anywhere else. The purpose is not to have the effects mass marketed or commonly performed but to have them available only to The Illusion Bookstore customers.

We have given as much information as possible in the description of all the effects for you to make an informed purchase. All the effects and routines are thoroughly thought out with structure, magical effect and entertainment value in mind. Rest assured, no junk!

How do I order the items I want? How long will my order take to arrive? Are your products available worldwide? 

See our ordering information page here.


I ordered and made payment for a downloadable product but did not get any download links. Why?

  • After ordering/ making payment for a downloadable product, you will receive an order receipt from sales@illusionbookstore.com via email within minutes. The order receipt will contain the download links for the product(s) you purchased.

    If you did not receive an email, it means your server has blocked our email address or placed the email in your SPAM folder. Please whitelist our email address and/ or check your SPAM folder.


I purchased a download product and got the link. However, it is not loading!

  • If you received the order receipt and clicked on the download link but the download link you clicked on brings you to an “error” page, it means that the page is not fully generated so please try again after a few minutes.
  • Please note that the download page takes between 5min – 10min to generate (depending on the product(s) you ordered) as each downloadable product is personalized for you.
  • After 10min, if you still get sent to an error page or the website’s home page, it is likely because you are using a Mac and the Safari browser. This can be an issue at times. Close Safari and open the download link in Chrome (recommended) or Firefox. This usually works 90% of the time.
  • If you are successful in downloading your order, remember; each downloadable product is password protected. The password is your email address.

If you still experience difficulties in downloading your product after 15 minutes, please email us again at downloads@illusionbookstore.com

Be sure to include your order number in the email.