FAQ on J C Sum Illusion Books

J C has Written Quite a Few Different Books? Which One Should I Get?

Buy them all! 🙂 J C has a number of books that were written for specific illusionists or a specific illusion genre. Some books are also more suitable for new illusionists where some are professional-level books for serious illusionists and builders.

Look through all the books and read the descriptions to see which book offers you more value based on your needs.

If you are looking to buy just one book for general illusion knowledge and to see if J C’s material, approach and illusion philosophy is to your liking, we recommend “Illusionary Departures 2012″.

For one, it is J C’s biggest book with 35 illusions & routines for stage thus is the best value for money under $100. It also has a wide variety of illusions, stage acts and presentations that will appeal to a wide group of magicians of all levels. This will be a solid introduction to J C’s  brand of illuion thinking.

All books are available as instant downloads OR physical books that have to mailed to you.


I’m New to Illusions, Which Book Bests Suits Me?

Depending on your budget and specific needs, there are three books that we recommend:

“How to Be an Illusionist”

If you are completely new to illusions and want a crash course on everything you need about performing modern illusions, “How to Be an Illusionist” is a must-read.

If you found value in the free content on www.illusionbooks.com, this book contains 100 times more information. There are no illusion plans in the book and exact methods are not described but the book will give you a comprehensive overview on illusions.

“Simple Showstoppers”

If you are looking for illusion plans so that you can build simple illusions, we recommend “Simple Showstoppers”. These illusions are easy to understand, build and are also a great introduction to illusion techniques and methods. While inexpensive to build, they are suitable even for professional shows.

“Illusionary Departures 2012″

If you want a more substantial book with a wide variety of illusion design plans ranging from the beginner to immediate level, you can consider this book. This is J C’s biggest single book to date and the best value for money in terms of the number of illusions and ideas versus price.


Are the Illusions Difficult to Build?

Difficult is relative. Any illusion will require you to have some basic prop-making skills, even the easiest illusions. However, some builds are complex due the use of multiple materials or multiple components.

Having said that, almost anyone will be able to put together the illusions described in “Simple Showstoppers”,“Corporate Illusions Made Easy”, “Illusionism” and “Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows” and “Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows 2”.

Illusions in “Illusionary Departures 2012″ are also generally easy build for experienced builders.

Most of the illusions in “Equilateral”“Urban Illusions” and “Ultimate Illusion Collection: Trinity Edition” require an experienced builder who is familiar working with wood and metal.


Which is the Most Value-for-Money Book?

If you want to get the most value for your money, we recommend the “Ultimate Illusion Collection: Trinity Edition”.

It is a compilation of all three of J C’s professional illusion design books into one + 25% new material as well as the “Illusionism” book. It also contains a discussion on creating a mega stunt and his method for the “Impossible 50-storey in 5 seconds” teleportation that he performed live in front of 9,000 people. In addition, the entire collection has been organized by illusion effect/ genre, making it very easy to find illusions that you want.

The “Trinity Edition” is the 3rd and latest edition of this book set and has now been reformatted into one massive 434-page book. It is available as a hardcover (signed & numbered limited edition), a perfect bound soft cover or PDF instant download. Regardless, this book set will cost much less than if you were to buy all the different publications separately.

If you want a collection of J C’s books and save US$100, check out “The Essential Illusion Library” which consists of 7 books.


I’m Still Undecided which Books I Want as Different Illusions in Different Books Seem to Appeal to Me. What Do You Recommend?

J C also offers packaged digital illusion plans as instant downloads. The illusions are packaged based on similar genres or effects, drawn from different books. This allows you to order illusion plans without buying an entire book. You save money and get exactly what you want!

You can check them out here.