About Us

The Illusion Bookstore was established in 2014 to curate and offer illusion designer, J C Sum’s, complete inventory of internationally critically acclaimed illusion books, illusion plans and videos.

In a short time, we have become the world’s largest digital illusion book & video store offering exclusive products for magicians & illusionists. We have an extensive catalog of illusion books, illusion plans, streaming videos, DVDs as well as stage and illusion props not available anywhere else in the world.

J C Sum

J C Sum, International Illusionist & Illusion Designer

For close up magicians and mentalists, we offer exclusive original choice effects that have been audience tested in live shows and on television around the world.

These are professional audience-tested effects and routines that are not mass marketed or commonly performed.

We are also the manufacturers of the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System, a low-cost, easy to use, lightweight and dependable curtain drop system. Since 2015, this system has been sold to performers, event production houses and theatres across the world.

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