UNWRITTEN 2-Book Set (Inclusive of Flat Rate US$7.50 Worldwide Shipping)


The basic set of “Unwritten: A Hands-off Book Test that Transcends Words” by J C Sum that includes two books.



This is the basic set of J C Sum’s “Unwritten: A Hands-off Book Test that Transcends Words” that includes two books.

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“Unwritten” is a professionally designed and produced book that allows you to bring the traditional book test beyond just words by incorporating visual drawings as the focus of the thoughts and revelations.

It is perfect for performers looking to present a visual book test routine.

The set consists of one 263-page 6″ x 9″ book and one 5.5″ x 8.5″ book is in the form of an English language guide for travelers which gives motivation for the book content, layout and format.

From a presentation point of view, the English language guide for travelers also allows for a variety of interesting introductory patter presentations.

The nature of the book makes it perfect for shows for corporate events, travel fairs, tourist attractions, cruise ships, schools & libraries.

The full “Unwritten” routine consists of two different basic effects.

Effect 1 – Any Word Drawing

A spectator opens the book to any page and chooses a word describing something that she can visualize in her mind.

Without asking for the page number or any specifics of the word (such as the length of the word or the letters it contains), the performer correctly draws out the image that the spectator is visualizing.

Effect 2 – Imagined Drawing Prediction

A spectator opens the book to any page and mentally selects a word from the last line of a chosen paragraph.

She makes a simple drawing that represents the word and then uses her imagination to add to the sketch to make it into a larger picture.

A sealed envelope that has been in full view from the start of the show is opened to reveal a prediction drawing that correctly matches the spectator’s imagined drawing!

Note: Instead of a prediction, you can perform the effect as a drawing duplication.

Both effects can be performed individually or together to form a complete routine. The routine can be performed in casual settings or close-up, parlour and large-scale stage shows.

“Unwritten” includes the following features:

  • Can be Performed Completely Hands Free
  • The Book Can be Freely Examined During Performance
  • No Pumping for Page Numbers, Length of Word or Specific Letters
  • No Peeks
  • No Switches
  • No Pre-Show Work
  • No Sleight of Hand
  • No Memory Work or Cribs
  • No Assistants
  • Large Fonts Make the Text Easy to Read
  • Can Be Performed Stand-Alone or with Other Book Tests


An exclusive 3-book “Unwritten” set is available here.

An exclusive third “Unwritten” book is available here.

About the Creator

J C Sum is best-known for his work on stage and television as an illusionist. For more than 20 years, J C has built a highly successful career as an international award-winning illusionist performing worldwide.

He has staged a dozen high profile mega illusions & stunts including two mentalism-centric feats; predicting the national lottery and subsequently donating $10,000 to a children’s charity as well as setting a world record for reading 100 minds in 60 minutes.

“Unwritten” is J C’s first wide-release mentalism product although his original works in the field featured in his Asia & Europe lecture tour were very well received; particularly “The Red Envelope” and “The Invisible Bookmark”.

Watch the “Illusion Product Talk” discussion on “Unwritten” below:

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