Blinded 3.0 *NEW*


” Blinded 3.0″ The most practical pack-flat appearance illusion on the market reinvented

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If you are interested to order this illusion, contact Thomas Clark from Magic Sax directly HERE.

The Worker’s Illusion Appearance System Reinvented

J C Sum’s original ‘Blinded’ illusion became a worker’s utility to make people appear worldwide. The illusion has been knocked off and pirated by countless unethical magic producers. However, none can compare to the original in terms of quality and construction.

J C has redesigned the illusion once again and made it 10 times better! The VIP appearance illusion now works as a flash appearance without the need of any flash or fire cover. No front cover, besides the front Venetian Blinds are needed.

There are also two additional LED lights built into the prop. No fire or pyro technics are needed.

This is the most practical standing VIP appearance illusion in the market today! You end very clean with little for the audience to reconstruct as they can see through the entire cabinet after the appearance of the person(s).


A cabinet is seen sitting on stage. The illusionist turns open a set of Venetian blinds that covers the front of the cabinet.

The audience can see the black interior and lights shining out from the inside roof of the cabinet and on the floor of the cabinet.

The blinds are pulled up half way so that the audience can see the portable LED light on the floor of the otherwise empty cabinet. The illusionist removes the light from the floor and lowers the blinds. (The slates of the blinds remain open all the time.)

The illusionist gestures and suddenly a person appears in the cabinet. The blinds are pulled up fully to allow the person to step out as the back black curtain covering the back of the cabinet is ripped away so that the audience can see through the cabinet.

Flash Blinded is a true worker’s appearance system for a person. It can be performed completely surrounded and fairly close up.

The ingenious practical design features a highly functional, deceptive and lightweight prop that packs flat into itself! Working professionals and ‘Weekend Warriors’ will appreciate the modern-looking illusion that looks great but more importantly packs completely flat into itself to transform into an ATA Flight Case. You save at least US$400 on professionally casing your illusion!

Here are some specifications of the illusion:

      • The Packed Down ATA Flight Case Measures 38″ x 28″x 6″ and can Fit into the Backseat of a Salon Car or in the Back of a MPV or Station Wagon.
      • Set up, the Illusion Measures 38″x 28″ x 79″ (inclusive of 3.5″ locking castors)
      • Packs Flat and Lightweight
      • Sets Up in 5 Minutes
      • The Illusion can Accommodate Two Girls or One Male (up to 6′ 2″ in height)
      • Custom Sizes Available. Contact Thomas Clark at Magic Sax to discuss options.
      • Professionally Built Illusion Prop; fabricated from Combination Quality Aluminum and High Impact ABS Plastic
      • Quality Materials and Finishing
      • Performance & Presentation Routines
      • Full Performance Rights

Check out rave reviews of the old version of “Blinded” at The Magic Cafe here

Thomas Clark, of Magic Sax, is the only licensed builder for “Blinded 3.0” and it is built to J C’s specifications.

If you are interested to order this illusion, contact Thomas Clark from Magic Sax directly HERE.


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