Illusion Plans PDF #21 – Optimum Sub Trunk (Packing Crate Design)


Complete detailed building plans for a packing crate Sub Trunk. The Optimum Sub Trunk is designed for speed and packs flat for transport.


J C Sum’s “Crystal Metamorphosis” and “ATA Sub Trunk” illusion plans are two of his best-selling products. Due to popular request, J C is now offering illusion plans for his design for a classic packing crate-style Sub Trunk.

This optimum design draws on elements from his other Sub Trunks that are designed for speed. In today’s standard of magic performances, the strength of the Sub Trunk is the speed of the “metamorphosis”.

Besides physical ability and teamwork, a large contributing factor to the speed of the exchange is the design of the trunk. This includes the size of the trunk, proportions, size, placement, concealment as well as opening mechanics. All the exacting attributes have been considered in J C’s optimum design.

The Optimum Sub Trunk has been designed with the working performer in mind. The construction utilizes modern components and packs flat for transport. It includes J C’s design for an all-round curtain that can pack down for convenience.

This is different from the ATA Sub Trunk illusion plans that can be purchased here.


  • The illusion plans include material list, construction method and building drawings with dimensions.
  • The Sub Trunk is made from plywood and aluminum.
  • The dimensions given will fit performers who are up to 6ft, 2 inches tall, 185 lbs. (84kg).
  • This Sub Trunk can be performed surrounded with an all-round curtain.
  • The trunk is designed to pack down flat for transport.
  • This is a previously unpublished illusion plan and is not available in any other book.
  • 12-pages of detailed drawings, plans and instruction.


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