Beyond The Stage Lecture Notes (PDF)


“Beyond The Stage” was written specifically for magicians looking for opportunities to showcase their magic at a professional high level.

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Elevating Your Magic & Performing at the Professional Level

The 2012 edition of “Beyond the Stage” was written specifically for magicians looking for opportunities to showcase their magic at a professional high level.

J C shares invaluable information, tips and techniques culled from his 18-year career as a professional illusionist. Since these notes were first written in 2006, J C has completed a 13-month run in a daily illusion show, performed illusion shows around the world, staged nine “mega illusions”, made dozens of TV appearances internationally and released a five illusion books and a DVD in the process.

Seven years on, the notes have been revised, updated and expanded to reflect current magic and business market trends as well as include a lot more information based on the additional experience and knowledge that J C has acquired since then.

The first four chapters of the notes form the building blocks for a magician looking to break into professional and commercial performing. In the chapter, ‘Presenting Magic for TV’, J C shares tips and techniques for presenting magic for TV programs or interviews.

“The Magic Evolution and Differentiating Yourself & You Magic” contains crucial advice on trying to be successful in magic on a mainstream professional level. This is seldom-seen hard-hitting advice based on real-world experiences, successes and failures.

This modestly-priced set of lecture notes will take you beyond the stage of magic techniques, tricks, secrets and methods and offer a solid foundation for you to launch your own show and career.

Topics detailed in the notes include:

      • Magic’s Greatest Secret Revealed
      • Building a Professional Show
      • Performing Magic for Money
      • Basic Promotional Tools for Magicians
      • Presenting Magic for TV
      • The Magic Revolution and Differentiating Yourself & Your Magic

For individuals who have heard of J C’s work but have not had a chance to read any of his books, this is an excellent introduction into the mind of The Thinking Man’s Magician.


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