Eye Drops


“Eye Drops” Giant contact lens production from eye

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Giant Contact Lens Production from Eye

Sometime during the show, the magician takes out a small bottle of eye drops and asks if anyone needs to clean their contact lenses. Showing his hand empty, he reaches up to his eye and a giant contacts lens drops out from his eye. After cleaning the lens, he magically replaces the giant lens back into his eye.

      • Easy to Perform
      • Minimal Sleight of Hand
      • Unusual and Visual Effect

Includes custom crafted giant contact lens needed to perform this “eye-popping” effect!

eye drops

(Eye drops bottle NOT included)

Custom lens is made from high quality acrylic, is concave in shape like a real contact lens and measures slightly smaller in diameter than a silver dollar.

Difficulty Level: 2.5 out of 5

*This product is different in method and design from Tom Mullica’s “Sight Savers”.


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