Illusion Plans PDF #10 – Illusions with Multiple Girls


This illusion plans pdf package covers 3 illusions with multiple presentation ideas and possibilities that feature multiple girls (5 or more).


If you require a special illusion to feature a cast of dancers or need an illusion production number for a crusie show or large special event, these illusions may just be perfect for you!

This illusion plans pdf package covers 3 illusions with multiple presentation ideas and possibilities that feature multiple girls (5 or more). Two of the illusions are completely self-contained while one requires a stage set-up but no stage trapdoors. The illusions include:

Fourth Dimensional Exit

At the end of a production show, the illusionist introduces his cast of performers and company of dancers.

Spotlights light up the back area of the stage and the audience sees a doorframe with door sitting at an angle atop a large rectangular 3ft high platform. Lights underneath and behind the table preclude the possibility of trapdoors or mirrors under the table. A set of see-through steps sits at one end of the platform.

The illusionist walks onto the platform and opens the door. A green and white ‘Exit’ sign is seen mounted on the door.  A roller blind is pulled down to cover the entire back of the doorframe.

The cast of performers and dancers proceed up the steps one by one, onto the platform and behind the open ‘Exit’ door. Finally, the illusionist walks behind the door. Almost instantly, the door closes shut by itself and the roller blind flies up revealing that the entire cast of performers has vanished!

Ghost Cabinet

Effect 1

The stage curtains open to reveal a tall cabinet illusion prop sitting on stage. The prop has closed curtains in the front and back. The illusionist draws the front curtain open to reveal a pretty female assistant. She steps out of the empty prop and a large cloth is held out between the illusionist and herself covering the front of the cabinet. Suddenly, a ghostly figure forms under the cloth and moves to the side of the stage.

Effect 2

The back curtain of the cabinet is drawn open to give the audience a clear view through the prop. A second ‘ghost’ is magically produced in a similar fashion as the first.

Effect 3

The assistant enters the cabinet and the front curtain is drawn closed. Within seconds, the curtain magically draws open by itself to reveal that she has completely vanished!

Effect 4

The two ‘ghosts’ are unveiled to reveal two girls. The girls hold another large cloth in front of the cabinet and another ‘ghost’ is produced. This time the ‘ghost’ is unveiled to reveal two more (different) girls.

INCLUDES: 6 More Presentation Ideas for this Prop

12-Girl Cabinet

A slim tall cabinet with a front curtain is displayed center stage. The cabinet measures only 34″ wide and 28″ deep! The curtain is pulled aside to reveal 3 beautiful girls who exit the prop. The cabinet seems big enough to hold just the 3 girls.

The prop is revolved around and 2 more girls exit the prop. Before the audience can recover from the surprise of the appearance of the 2 girls, 2 more girls exit the cabinet.

Just when the audience thinks it is over; 4 more girls exit the prop and the front curtain is ripped away to reveal just a plain empty cabinet! All the girls and the illusionist strike a finale pose for a well-deserved ovation.


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