The Water Vault


The Water Vault is J C’s original design for a modern “Houdini Milk Can”. This is a completely original and practical water tank escape.



“The Water Vault” is a one-of-a-kind modern day version of Houdini’s “Milk Can” escape but with a much more secure and contemporary looking prop.

Most importantly, it is performed in full view of the audience without curtains or covers. In the traditional presentation of the “Milk Can Escape”, the escape is performed behind a curtain to hide the secret of the escape.

“The Water Vault” itself was fabricated from scratch. The main container is a solid welded unit made from heavy gauge stainless steel. It is extremely fitting with virtually no room for one’s body to maneuver once submerged inside.

The main unit is mounted on a base fabricated from stainless steel and marine ply. The cover of the vault is equally, if not more formidable. Constructed from the same heavy gauge materials, the cover fits snugly over the main unit where it will be held tightly in place with 8 heavy duty stainless steel chains.

The sequence of actions for the escape is dramatic and suspenseful.

The escape is 100% with two build in safety features; including one that works as a secret indicator to the crew.

Watch a performance of “The Water Vault” below:

The following will be included:

  • The Water Vault Prop
  • ATA Flight Case (ABS Plastic) Approximately 32″ x 32″ x 40″.
  • Chains and Gimmicked Locks Made by Ian McColl. *
  • Lock Belts * – Custom-designed Canvas Belts that Hold all Locks and Keys for the Crew. Reduces dead-time drastically.
  • Water Heater
  • J C’s Detailed Handling & Presentation

*If you do not want the gimmicked locks or lock belts, US$400 can be deducted from the price.

Condition – Very Good. Normal Wear & Tear.


NOTE: Price EXCLUDES Shipping Costs.

  • Shipping will be arranged at the cheapest option.
  • Based on our experience, if you have no immediate rush, the cheapest way to ship to your nearest seaport and arrange transport locally when it arrives. This will save expensive agent fees and administrative costs if we arrange door to door delivery directly.
  • Or the buyer can arrange for pick-up or shipping.
  • The sale price of the illusion has factored in the cost of international shipping to make the overall purchase a good value investment.
  • Please email with your mailing address or nearest sea port for a shipping quote.