Diffusion Walking Through Mirror Illusion

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Please contact directly if you would like to order the illusion.

“Diffusion” is a one-of-a-kind walking through mirror illusions created by Sam Powers and built by Chris Murphy.

This illusion is NOT in production and will be the only unit ever available to another magician anywhere in the world.

This is a beautiful illusion with an extremely clever method undetectable to lay audiences and also magicians (have not have a single magician pick the full method). Gets an audible “wow” moment on the reveal every time. A solid 8 minutes including audience participation.

Advantages of this version:

  • Mirror can be inspected front AND back by a REAL audience volunteer – Mirror can be spun completely around before and after the penetration – Audience can see underneath the illusion the entire time and during the penetration
  • Side panels lock into place to “prevent magician from walking around the sides of the mirror during the illusion”
  • These panels eliminate all side angle problems & allow you to perform the illusion extremely close to the audience
  • Mirror is made of a lightweight aluminium which cannot break or crack.

Includes 2 road cases & exclusive performance rights.
CASE 1: 238 x 18 x 136cm – CASE 2: 170 x 40 x 126cm

Sets up in 10 minutes

US$6990 exclusive of shipping from Sydney, Australia

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Please contact directly if you would like to order the illusion.