Two Paths to One (PDF)


“Two Paths to One (PDF)” is a purist solution to the Any Card at Any Number plot

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A purist solution to the Any Card at Any Number plot


A deck of cards, in its case, is in full view of the audience. A card is named, for example 3H, (no force or limits) and a number between 1 to 52 is called out, for example 19, (no force or limits).

For the first time, the magician picks up the deck, opens it and removes the deck from the case naturally and tables the deck. The case is shown to be completely empty and can be examined. A spectator is invited to deal the cards, one at a time onto the table. He reaches the 19th card and it is turned over to reveal the 3H. The entire deck may be examined.

Bonus: Includes Easy CAAN

Difficulty Level: 5 out of 5



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