Sub Trunk Ultra Fast & Ultra Light

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If you are looking for a professionally-designed Sub Trunk illusion that was built for speed and is ultra light, this is it!

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If you are looking for a professionally-designed Sub Trunk illusion that was built for speed and is ultra light, this is it!

The essence of the “Sub Trunk” or “Metamorphosis” is the switch. If the switch is not instantaneously (or perceived to be instantaneous), the effect is not strong. A delayed or clumsy switch also spoils the effect and overall illusion. The strength of the illusion lies in the 1  – 3 seconds that it should take to perform the switch. So, the whole illusion depends on a very fast switch.

The Pendragons defined the modern ‘look’ of the performance of the ‘Sub Trunk’ with their sheer speed and later enhanced it further with their center-cloth-split revelation. Their approach to the illusion is a reinvention of the illusion as performed by their predecessors. More than a handful of modern performers also match their speed for a classic-styled Sub Trunk.

This trunk was built for speed. The advantages of this Sub Trunk are that it looks modern, has dual function and most importantly facilitates a fast exchange.

For this ATA case-style substitution trunk, I use ATA (airline transport approved) or flight case components and designed the illusion to be sturdy, lightweight and durable.

The trunk will not withstand critical examination but you can allow an onstage inspection of the trunk safely.

The trunk is built solid and can be used as a transport case for other props. It does not pack flat but if you really want to convert it to pack down, I will share how to make the modifications upon purchase.

The following will be included:

  • Sub Trunk Prop made from ABS Plastic, wood and aluminum. Measures approximately 40: x 28″ x 28″ and weights 40kg/ 88lbs.
  • All-round Curtain with aluminum break-down frame
  • Stepladder
  • J C’s Detailed Handling & Presentation

Condition – Very Good to Excellent. Normal Wear & Tear.


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  • Based on our experience, if you have no immediate rush, the cheapest way to ship to your nearest seaport and arrange transport locally when it arrives. This will save expensive agent fees and administrative costs if we arrange door to door delivery directly.
  • Or the buyer can arrange for pick-up or shipping.
  • The sale price of the illusion has factored in the cost of international shipping to make the overall purchase a good value investment.
  • Please email with your mailing address or nearest sea port for a shipping quote.