Folded Revelations


“Folded Revelations” A super commercial visual routine that plays big and packs small

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This commercial card magic effect was a hit on J C Sum’s world lecture tour “3 Sides of Magic!”


The magician displays an envelope and explains that it contains a printed prediction depicting four individual playing cards. He leaves the enclosed prediction in full view of the audience. Next, four cards are selected by four different spectators from a shuffled deck. For e.g. the JC, 6D, 4S and QH.

The magician removes the prediction to show a piece of paper with a fan of four face down cards printed on it. He explains that they are the exact same cards as the selections and if the spectators were to look at the back of the cards, they will see that the cards are an exact match. He specifically points out that the second card in the fan is the fourth spectator’s card.

As the audience groans, he asks the first spectator to name his card (JC). Upon the spectator naming the card, the magician unfolds the piece of paper to reveal a large image of the JC. He asks the second spectator for his card (6D) and unfolds the piece of paper once again to reveal an even larger image of the 6D. This is repeated with the third spectator (4S) and the piece of paper is unfolded fully to reveal a giant 4S printed on the paper.

The magician refolds the piece of paper into its original size and asks the fourth spectator what his card was (QH). Upon hearing the name of the card, the magician exclaims that he was correct after all. He rubs his hand over the picture of the fan of four face down cards and magically reveals that the second card in the fan is now face up and is the QH!

Includes two completely different custom printed predictions for repeat performances.

      • Easy to Perform
      • Minimal Sleight of Hand
      • Packs Small Plays Big
      • Instant Reset
      • Highly Interactive
      • 100% Entertaining
      • A Stunning Visual Finale

This effect is perfect for the hobbyist, magic enthusiast, roving magician, table-hopper and close-up or parlour worker. It is extremely portable and easy to carry around but allows you to perform a highly interactive routine that plays big.

Each package includes TWO different high quality printed predictions, each with a different set of cards to be revealed.


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