Illusion Plans PDF #01 – Car Appearances


This illusion design package includes three car appearance illusions that are completely different in method and design. A full-sized real car can be produced with all methods.


This package details three of J C’s car appearance illusion designs:

All three car appearance illusions are completely different in method and design. A full-sized real car can be produced with all methods.

  • “Phantom Car Appearance” & “Light Pillars” cannot be performed surrounded but “Bluff Appearance” can.
  • “Phantom Car Appearance” & “Bluff Appearance” are practical for trade shows, car launches and corporate events.
  • “Light Pillars” is an instant appearance but requires a proper theatre stage with control over lighting.
  • You will require about 4 – 6 assistants (on and off stage) for all versions.

Note: None of these car appearances in this package features the set-up that J C performs as part of a car teleportation mega illusion, “Destination X”, which is on YouTube. That is J C’s modification of Gerry Frenette’s Car Vanish which he purchased.


The Phantom Car Appearance

A large enclosure is seen on stage. The front is covered by a solid panel bearing the client’s logo or the illusionist’s name. As the performance starts, the large front panel slides to the side to reveal another panel. This panel has a slatted front so the audience can see the empty black interior inside the enclosure. This slatted panel is slid over to the other side, giving an unobstructed view of the inside of the enclosure; consisting of two side ‘walls’ and a back ‘wall’ made of black cloth.

The illusionist and assistant audience move to the back ‘wall’ and raise it off the floor to show that there is nothing behind the enclosure. The back ‘wall’ is lowered back in place and the illusionist and assistant move back to the front of the enclosure.

The two front panels are slid back into place covering the front of the enclosure again. Literally 2 seconds later, pyrotechnics erupt and the panels are pulled apart to reveal a magical appearance of a full-sized car with four dancers!

Bluff Appearance

A raised platform that the audience can see beneath at all times sits on stage. An all-round curtain that is raised up and held up by a four-post structure (imagine a four post bed) is on the raised platform.

Four girls enter the stage and one by one step into the curtained enclosure through two vertical splits on either side of the curtain. Seconds later, the curtain drops to the platform to reveal a car – the girls have vanished.

Light Pillars Production System

Moving stage spotlights fully illuminate the center of the stage. Two sets of vertical lighting truss, each mounted with a single vertical row of lights are moved around the empty stage. The lights are turned on the trusses are turned on and the stage lights dim down. The stage is clearly empty, save for the two illuminated “light pillars”.

The illusionist steps up to one of the trusses and pulls open a large white roller blind, stretching it out fully between the two “light pillars”. Almost immediately, he starts to draw the white roller blind closed and slowly reveals the instant appearance of a cast of dancers filling the once empty stage!


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