Blammo Box Illusion + Fiber Case


Chalet Blammo with Fiber Case

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Please contact directly if you would like to order the illusion.

This is a Chalet-made Blammo box illusion. Very well-made and no longer in production.

The sides and lid are a neutral dark silver laminate with aluminum trim. The front hinge panel is a custom laser-cut spider web grill design that replaced the old acrylic front.

This is a non-fire Blammo and has a load space so that a feather boa, clothes or other small item can change into the girl.

Exceptional deceptive, small and fast. It packs completely flat in a fiber case.

Watch a video of the Blammo Box Illusion performed by J C Sum:

Condition: Very Good

Original costs: US$3000
Selling: US$1700 + US$300 sea freight to any major port worldwide.


Note on shipping:

Shipping costs have been calculated at the most economical method of shipping large props.

Shipping costs quoted are guaranteed maximum price, based on sea freight only to any major sea port worldwide.

Upon confirmation, a more accurate shipping quote will be obtained. It will never cost more than the cost stated above.

Prices offered for Payment by Bank Transfer only. Credit card or Paypal payments add 3.5%.


This item is not available in Singapore or Malaysia.

Please contact directly if you would like to order the illusion.


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