Custom Illusion Plans


Many magicians & illusionists have requested for custom illusion plans for their shows and projects.

While J C does not create original exclusive illusions for individual magicians, he will customize illusion plans from the 80 different illusion plans that he has already created and published.

The scope of this custom illusion plan work includes:

  • Choosing an illusion plan(s) that best fits specific effects, logistics limitations and other needs
  • Customizing an illusion plan(s) to a specific style, presentation or theme
  • Customizing dimensions of an illusion plan(s) to specific sizes and needs


Here are some examples of requests that J C has fulfilled:

  • Design a pack flat version of an ATA Sub Trunk that packs into itself to optimize weight for excess baggage air travel.
  • Put together a custom package of different illusions for a new illusion show
  • Customize dimensions of production illusions to a specific person’s size
  • Recommend and adjust dimensions of different illusions to fit limited backstage/ side wing space and load-in facilities
  • Modify designs and dimensions of an illusion to fit two girls instead of one
  • Customize size and dimensions of a car appearance for a specific vehicle

This hassle-free service saves magicians time in going through all of J C’s illusion descriptions and trying to guess which illusions fit their needs.

Magicians can also be assured that customized dimensions will fit themselves, assistants or specific objects as they will be calculated by the original designer of the illusions.

Adjustments to load spaces while maintaining the correct aesthetic and deceptive proportion to the overall prop will be also calculated and factored in to the customized design.


There is no standard pricing for custom illusion plans as J C will need to provide a quote based on the requirements. However, as a guide:

  • A custom package for one to two illusions would cost between US$50 – US$90.
  • A custom package for three to four illusions would cost between US$80 – US$120.
  • A custom illusion design starts at US$350.

The time it will take to put together a custom set of illusion plans depends on the complexity of the customization but it will generally take between 3 – 7 days; depending on J C’s performing schedule and design/ writing workload at that point in time.

Email J C at: info(a) to request for a free consultation and quote.

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