Behind the Illusions (Streaming Video)


In this groundbreaking two-volume video streaming set, learn the design, performance and approach to modern stage illusions through one of the top illusionists & illusion designers in the world.



In this groundbreaking two-volume video streaming set, learn the design, performance and approach to modern stage illusions through one of the top illusionists & illusion designers in the world.

If you ever wanted to learn how to approach illusion performing, designing and producing, this product is a must-have.

J C Sum (“Truly one of the world’s top illusion acts” ~ MagicSeen Magazine) takes you behind his illusions performed with ‘Magic Babe’ Ning and shares his experience & expertise by analyzing 10 cutting edge illusions in live performance.

This is not an illusion method explanation video but J C offers a comprehensive overview to stage illusions that will be invaluable to stage magicians & illusionists of ALL levels.

J C covers stage illusions of different sizes and scale to illustrate various learning points, highlight design elements and shed insight on illusion techniques, motivation and philosophy of performing illusions for today’s audience.

As a bonus, for the first time ever, J C  will share behind the scenes information on one of his live mega illusions, “The Aerial Exit”.

Information shared in Behind the Illusions include:

  • Illusion Performance Approaches & Tips
  • Stage Movement & Blocking for Illusions
  • Working with an Assistant/ Partner
  • Making Illusions Unique through design and/ or presentation
  • Illusion Design Approach & Philosophy
  • Illusion Building Tips
  • Thoughts on Overly Performed Illusions
  • Illusions – to buy or to build?
  • Choosing the right illusions
  • Illusions with Multiple Uses
  • Recycling Illusions
  • Lighting Enhancement for Illusions
  • Illusion Cloth Handling
  • Casing Illusions – Managing space, weight, time and efficiency through illusion breakdown design.
  • Resources for Illusionists
  • Illusion Reference/ Credits & History


Illusions used to illustrate teachings include:

Crystal Metamorphosis
An original design for a see-through “Substitution Trunk” built for speed
Teachings: Illusion Design, Illusion Choreography & Movement, Lighting Design

Crystal Appearance
An original design & approach to performing the “Crystal Casket” illusion
Teachings: Deceptive Base Design, Illusion Construction, Illusion Cloth Handling

Smoke Chamber
A magical appearance from an empty glass cabinet that fills with smoke
Teachings: Deceptive Base Design, Illusion Construction

Human Light Tunnel* / Shadow Vision*
A reinvention of the Jim Sommer’s “Lights Fantastic” mini-illusion
Teachings: Illusion Design, Ethics & Rights, Designing a Presentation to Enhance Stage Character, Onstage Cueing between Performers

A reinvention of Jim Steinmeyer’s “Through a One-Inch Hole” illusion
Teachings: Illusion Design, Illusion Presentation, Practicality in Illusions

Light & Space
A high-tech “Spiker” style illusion using LED Light Staffs
Teachings: Illusion Design, Illusion Recycling, Examining Illusion Appearance Reveals

Theatre of Shadows*
The classic Shadow Box illusion presented in a modern illusion show
Teachings: Classics in a Modern Illusion Show, Choosing a First Illusion, Redressing an Illusion

Modern Art*
A different presentation for Jim Steinmeyer’s neo-classic dividing girl illusion
Teachings: Illusion Design, Illusion Presentation, Differentiating your Illusion Performance

An original presentation for an illusion with a giant industrial fan
Teachings: Illusion Design, Character Development through Presentation, Creative Illusion Thinking, Show Production

360 Sawing*
J C’s complete redesign and rebuild of Gerry & Leonora Frenette’s “Woman’s Revolution”
Teachings: Illusion Design, Illusion Choreography & Movement, Working with Stage Crew


* While approaches to illusion design are discussed, the exact methods of proprietary illusions are not revealed. The viewer will need to have a working knowledge of basic methods and principles used. Full credits and references of all illusions are included in the product.


What others are saying about Behind the Illusions:

“There is so much in this .. I’m giving it a 90% (rating)!”
– David Penn, Wizard Product Review

“Anyone who performs illusions will get something out of this, it is the first time I have something like this for illusions. It is a great product, highly recommended”
– Paul Romhany, Romhany Report

“I have always admired how JC creates his magic and especially the subtleties he employs during his performance. An example of his subtleties during his performance would be when he is “panting” for breath after a magical appearance. These little things will help create better magic. So, if you are into Illusions, you should check out this DVD, if you like it, you can even get the plans from his book. Rating 4.5/5″
– Bernard Sim, Sexy Magic Reviews

“This DVD is a valuable teaching tool that nicely augments the information that you’ll find in illusion books. If you’ve been wanting to learn about the real work and magic behind the big boxes, I think that most can learn something here. ”
Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 7/19/2011 Full Review

“This is a very interesting DVD..If you are an illusionist, or want to be an illusionist, this companion DVD is a nice behind the scenes look with a real pro showing all the ins and outs, and will give you a great insight into whether or not you want this to be the next step of your magical journey!”
– Joe Diamond, MyLovelyAssistant 8/10/2012 Full Review

“If you aspire to perform unique-looking illusions, this DVD set is an excellent resource. ”
– Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine 1/1/2012

“If you’re looking to get your feet wet and learn about illusions then this is a great resource for you. The price is right, you get a lot of fun content and a great behind the scenes look from working pros. One of my favorite parts was seeing a full performance and then a behind the scenes look at one of their latest mega illusions. Great job JC Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning!”
Luke Dancy


Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced


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