Behind the Illusions 2 (Streaming Video)


Behind the Illusion 2 is the sequel to J C Sum’s ground-breaking DVD that was internationally critically acclaimed and a best seller.

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Behind the Illusion 2 is the sequel to J C Sum’s ground-breaking DVD that was internationally critically acclaimed and a best seller. The original “Behind the Illusions” has become an invaluable addition to every modern illusionist’s library that gives insight to the design, performance and approach to modern stage illusions.

In this new instructional video, J C offers new lessons and shares his extensive experience & expertise with a sequel that features 10 more illusions and performances.

J C uses a variety of stage illusions to illustrate various learning points, highlight design elements and shed insight on illusion techniques, motivation and philosophy of performing illusions for today’s audience.

This is not an illusion method explanation video but J C offers a comprehensive overview to stage illusions that is invaluable to stage magicians & illusionists of ALL levels.

Information shared in “Behind the Illusions 2″ include:

      • Illusion Performance Approaches & Tips
      • Stage Movement & Blocking for Illusions
      • Structuring Illusion Presentations
      • Illusion Design Approach & Philosophy
      • Illusion Building Tips
      • Music Design in Illusion Performance
      • Necessity of Invention
      • Economy of Motion & Action
      • Impact/ Picture Moments
      • Lighting Illusion Performances
      • Black Art Tips & Advice
      • Creating Theatrics, Scale and Stage Sets

Illusions used to illustrate teachings include:

An original appearance illusion with a bonus opening stage magic act
Teachings: Illusion Design, Necessity of Invention, Combining Illusions to Create a Seamless Act

Modern Art
Analyzing a performance of Jim Steinmeyer’s vertical sawing in half illusion
Teachings: Economy of Action/ Motion, Impact Moments, Applause Cues

J C’s presentation for a variation in design of Rand Woodburry’s illusion.
Teachings: Practical Design, Illusion Construction, Lighting

Shadow Encounter
An original multi-effect appearance, vanish and reappearance illusion
Teachings: Black Art tips & advice, Pairing Illusions

Shadow Mannequin
A theatrical layered presentation of the Shadow Box illusion
Teachings: Illusion Presentation, Creating a Simple Set, Adding Theatrical Elements to an Illusion Presentation

The Spike Box
J C’s redesign for Doug Malloy’s “Mini Spiker” illusion
Teachings: Cosmetic Illusion Redesign, Lighting, Illusion Presentation

J C Meets Rubik
J C’s redesign and presentation for Jim Steinmeyer’s “Lady in a Puzzle”illusion
Teachings: Customizing an Illusion, Illusion Presentation, Economy of Action/ Motion

The Buzz Saw
J C’s approach & presentation for a guillotine-style illusion using Tim Clothier’s “Head Saw” illusion
Teachings: Audience Management, Illusion Presentation

12-Girl Cabinet
J C’s simplified design for The Jarrett 21-Person Cabinet
Teachings: Illusion Design, Character Development through Presentation, Creative Illusion Thinking, Show Production

The Blades
J C’s presentational approach to the “Windshear” fan illusion
Teachings: Illusion Structure, Illusion Choreography & Movement, Lighting


* While approaches to illusion design are discussed, the exact methods of proprietary illusions are not revealed. The viewer will need to have a working knowledge of basic methods and principles used. Full credits and references of all illusions are included in the product.


Total Running Time: Approximately 2 hrs 20min

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced


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